General Information And Requirements

This article describes general information and requirements about backup deletion in Xopero ONE.


Data deletion is a very important process in every backup system, some of the features/mechanisms delete the data automatically, and sometimes the process has to be started manually. Anytime you'll try to use an option of manual data deletion, the system will ask you about the confirmation of your will. An example of automatic data deletion is a retention process, for each backup, you can set a retention period (infinity, by the time, by the number of copies) in order to be able to restore previous versions of your files if needed, but also to make sure that it will not fill full data storage. The manual intervention may be required in case if the storage is already full and you'd like to recover some of the space in order to perform your backup plans.


The requirements for data deletion are simple: you need to have some backup on the storage and you also need an agent application installed on some device(it has to be in online status).

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