Agent Configuration

Remember that any modification of the config.json file is best done on the stopped Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery Agent service. It should be started after the modification is made. Changes may need to be refreshed in the Management Service panel.

Management Service address

One of the most important points of the agent installation, and consequently the agent configuration, is the address of the Management Service to which your agent connects. In case of change, the IP address or change in the protocol (http/https), etc. of Management Service the agent's status will change to Offline. To reconnect them, you just need to change one value in the configuration file. The config.json file is located by default in the:

  1. Windows: C:\Program Files\Xopero ONE Backup&Recovery Agent

  2. Linux: /opt/XoperoONEBackupAgent/

You can edit config.json with a simple text editor. And change the ServiceUrl value to the new one

Log level

By default, the log level in the system is "Information". You can change it to:

  1. Trace

  2. Debug

  3. Information

  4. Warning

  5. Error

  6. Critical

  7. None

Default log path

Application logs are saved by default in the AppData: C:\ProgramData\Xopero ONE\Xopero ONE Backup&Recovery Agent\Logs directory. You can change it by modifying the AppDataFolder parameter.

Remember that the correct format is a double slash after the drive letter "\"

Device name

By default, the device name is taken from the system. However, you can change it by modifying the OverriddenHostName parameter.

Remember that the name must be in quotation marks "".

Number of retries

For example, if a database backup task ends with error DV0249 - Unable to read backup data, try to eliminate connection stability problems on your end. If this is not possible, you can increase the number of repetitions on the Xopero ONE application side. To do this, edit the "MaxRetriesCount" parameter and change it from the default value "2", e.g. to "20".

Virtual Appliance

The virtual appliance used in VMware is a Linux machine with an agent service. You can also configure the settings by editing the config.json file. There is a VMware section at the bottom of the config.json file. You can configure the timeout for taking a snapshot by editing the SnapshotCreationTimeout parameter.

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