Running Xopero ONE Agent On Docker

This article describes how to install and configure Xopero ONE agent application running as a container on Docker.


To set up Xopero ONE Agent as a container on Docker, download the Xopero ONE agent docker image - DOWNLOAD. After that, open the PowerShell console and import the downloaded image into Docker. Use the command:

/docker load -i file_location


file_location - location of your docker image file.

Then, you can check the available images with the command:

docker images

In the end, create a container from the imported image with the following command:

docker create --name container_name --env ManagementServiceUrl=ManagementUrl image_name

where: container_name - the name of the container, which will be created using the related command, ManagementUrl - the URL address of your Xopero ONE management service instance - the component, to which your Xopero ONE Agent will connect, image_name - the name of the docker image.

After creating the container, run it with the command:

docker start container_name

where: container_name - the name of the container created in the previous step.

Agent Activation

After all the steps have been completed, the agent will report to the Management Service panel as an agent for activation.

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