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Add A New Encryption Key

In this article, you will get information on how to add a new encryption key to the password manager in Xopero ONE.
In general, encryption keys are usefull to enable encryption.
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To add a new encryption key to the password manager go to the Settings tab and next to Password Manager
Password manager in Xopero ONE
Hit the Add new button and next select Encryption key and hit it.
Adding a new encryption key
Fill the name of the encryption key in the password manager
Setting a encryption key name in Password Manager in Xopero ONE
Set your password and confirm it.
Setting a encryption key
Add an optional comment to the description field.
Setting an optional description for encryption key in password manager in Xopero ONE
If all the required fields are filled hit the Save button.
Saving encryption key in Password Manager
At this moment your encrpyption key is added to the password manager and you can start work with it.