Xopero ONE Agent Installation On MacOS

In this article, you will get information on how to install the Xopero ONE Agent on macOS

Running Xopero ONE on MacOS

Download Xopero ONE Agent via Management Service and run it.

Later on, hit the Continue button in the Introduction section

Hit the Continue button in the Read Me section

Read the license and hit the Continue button in the License section

Hit the Agree button in the opened window, to agree with EULA

Change Install Location (if you want to) or hit the Install button without any changes.

During the installation process, the creator will ask you about the IP address of your management service. Define it in this step.

Confirm the configuration with the OK button.

At this point, your agent is successfully installed.

Unattended installation agent on MacOS

Download the xoperoclient.pkg file on the device. Run the following command in macOS terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal)

sudo /bin/launchctl setenv "XOPERO_INSTALLER_SERVER_ADDRESS_CONFIG" "https://XMS_adress::28555>" && sudo installer -pkg <pkg_file_location> -target /; sudo /bin/launchctl unsetenv "XOPERO_INSTALLER_SERVER_ADDRESS_CONFIG"

Command description:

Setting the environment variable with the address to the Xopero Management Service

sudo /bin/launchctl setenv "XOPERO_INSTALLER_SERVER_ADDRESS_CONFIG" "https://<XMS_adress::28555>"

Launching the installer

sudo installer -pkg <pkg_file_location> -target /;

Removing environment variables

sudo /bin/launchctl unsetenv "XOPERO_INSTALLER_SERVER_ADDRESS_CONFIG"

Permission for Xopero app

After installation, in a few steps you need to add the necessary permissions for the Xopero file.

  • Click on the Mac icon (upper left corner)

  • System Preferences

  • Protection and privacy

  • Privacy

  • Full disk access (left side)

  • Add out app (Xopero.Device.App.app) to the list

  • Add our app permissions

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