Management Service Installation On Docker

Xopero ONE is a multi-platform solution, it can operate in various environments. One of the possibilities is to run the service in a Docker container. This article describes the installation process of the Xopero ONE Management Service running as a container.



To install Xopero ONE Management Service as a Docker container - Docker is required.

Installation process

This is the moment when the deployment process begins. First, download the latest version of the Xopero ONE Management Service docker image to your device: DOWNLOAD.

After downloading the .tar image of the Xopero ONE management service, open the cmd console. With the docker images command you can check what images you have imported into Docker. Then import the image into Docker with the command:

docker load -i docker_name.tar


docker_name.tar - the name of your docker image file.

After the image is imported, you can create a container. Use the command:

docker run --name container_name -p service_port:80 -v drive_location_database:/app/Xopero management-image

In place of drive_location_database enter the location to mount the database from the container to the local directory, this is important to upgrade the container later. In the container_name, enter the name of the container, and in service_port, enter the service port, which will be used by Xopero ONE (set to 28555 by default).

Use the following command, to view the list of containers:

docker ps -a

Or, see the list in the Docker GUI.

If everything has been done correctly, you can go to the web panel management service:


Then you need to create an administrator account and assign a license.

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