Setting Up

Xopero ONE provides support for multiple cloud storage providers including the Backblaze B2 platform. This article describes the process of setting up a Backblaze B2 bucket as storage in Xopero ONE.

Adding the storage

In order to add new storage to Xopero ONE open the Storages tab and click Add storage button.

Right after doing that Add storage aside will be displayed. Use it to set the name of your new storage in Add storage name field(Step 1) and then click the arrow next to the Storage type section(Step 2) to expand the list of available storage types.

Scroll down the list and select the Backblaze B2 option.

After choosing this option, the system will display more sections, including: Authentication data (Acces key ID and Secret access key), Region , Bucket name and Optional description.

To get the application Key ID(Access key ID field) and Application key(Secret access key) visit App keys site on Backblaze platform and create Application Key.

Find more details about App keys on Backblaze official site .

Copy keyID from Blackblaze application key and paste it into Access key ID field, then click on Select or add secret access key button to expand the passwords list.

Click Add new button to add your Backblaze application key to Xopero ONE Password Manager. Define the password name, then fill in the password in New password & Confirm password fields and click Save button.

On the Region section select the region of your bucket - you can verify it on the Backblaze platform directly. Enter the bucket name in the Bucket name section and proceed to the next step.

Make sure that the browsing machine - one of the devices with an active license Xopero ONE agent installed - can reach your Backblaze bucket. You can change it to a different device by using the Change button.

Now, click the Save button to add the storage to the Xopero ONE platform. Refresh the page to see your Backblaze bucket on the storage list.

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