Cleanup of deduplication data

How to remove residual files after deduplication from storage?

What is the "Start Cleanup" Function?

The "Start Cleanup" function in XoperoONE is designed to remove residual files left behind after deduplication processes. Deduplication, while highly effective in reducing storage requirements by eliminating duplicate data blocks, can leave behind orphaned files that no longer serve any purpose. These leftover files can accumulate over time, potentially degrading storage performance and occupying valuable space that could be used for new backups.

It is important to note that after removing backup plans that used deduplication or parts of these plans, you should perform the "Start Cleanup" function.

The storage will be unavailable during the entire cleanup process. Additionally, this process can be very time-consuming. During this time, backup tasks will not be possible to perform.

How to Use the "Start Cleanup" Function

Begin by accessing the storage settings in your XoperoONE interface. Select specific storage and enter its detailed settings by clicking on the "Edit" option. Within the storage settings, you will find the "Start Cleanup" option. Click on this button to initiate the cleanup process. The system will then proceed to identify and remove files left after deduplication, optimizing your storage space. During the process, the storage will be temporarily unavailable.


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