Browsing Backups Of x32 Operating Systems

This article describes how to properly browse & load a backup of the x86(32bit) operating system in Xopero ONE platform.

Unable to open store read

If you're protecting both x86 and x64 operating systems such a message may appear when browsing the data storage. Most likely, it may be caused by the incompatibility of the Agent application which was used to perform the backup process.

It's very important to remember, that backup performed with x86 agent(dedicated for x86 operating systems) can be browsed and restored only via x86 agent. It's the very same for backups performed with the x64 agent - it's also required to use the x64 agent to browse or restore the data. Any attempt to restore x86 backups with an x64 agent and vice versa will always fail.

How to proceed?

In order to be able to restore the data you need to select the correct device to browse the storage with. To do so open the restore view, select the data that you want to restore and click on the Change button next to Browsing backups with .... (at the very bottom) and select the device with proper architecture.

After that change, you'll be able to restore the data without the issues.

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