Storage Space Notifications

Storage notifications, how to set them up globally and for specific storage.

Storage Space Notifications

In XoperoONE, ensuring that data storage remains within capacity limits is crucial for maintaining efficient and reliable backup operations. When the storage space in a repository is nearing its limit, it is essential that the service administrator receives timely notifications. These notifications should include the name and type of storage, its current usage, and the remaining available space.

Configuring Notifications

Notifications can be configured globally for the entire system or individually for each storage.

Storage space notifications are sent every 24 hours until the issue (reducing storage occupancy) is resolved.

Global Settings

  • Access the global settings in XoperoONE,

  • Navigate to the email notifications settings section:

  • Enable storage space notifications and configure the threshold for when these notifications should be sent:

Storage-Specific Settings

  • Navigate to the storages tab.

  • Select the specific storage and enter the settings by clicking on the "Edit" option.

  • In the storage settings, configure the notification settings. These settings will override the global configuration for this particular storage.

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