Running Xopero ONE Agent On Synology NAS

This article describes how to install and configure Xopero ONE agent application running as a docker container on Synology NAS.

Environment setup

To set up Xopero ONE Agent as a docker container on Synology, install the Docker application first. To do so, open Package Center and select the All Packages tab and search for Docker, then click Install to proceed.

docket package center

After that download the Xopero ONE agent docker image.

Xopero ONE Agent is available on our official server here: DOWNLOAD


Open Docker on Synology, go to the Image tab and click the Add button, and select the Add From File option.

docker images list

On the next window - named Select a file, you can Upload or select a path from your NAS device to Xopero ONE docker image.


After that, click the Select button.

Choose the image that you import and click the Launch button.

Synology NAS launching container from agent image

First, it's recommended to Enable the auto-restart function for the container on the Advanced Settings tab.

Add a new environment variable by clicking Add button, name it MANAGEMENTSERVICEURL, and set the value to your Xopero ONE Management Service address (including port and protocol).

Synology NAS advanced settings of agent container

Click the Save button. Skip the next window with the Next button.

Synology NAS port settings of agent container

From Volume Settings - this is the place, where you can mount your Synology volumes to Xopero ONE agent docker container. If you're willing to back up anything from your Synology device. This part allows you to select what data Xopero ONE container will be able to access. Click Add folder and select the directory.

Synology NAS volume settings of agent container

Now define the path that will be visible inside the container on the Mount path field.

For example, if you want to back up a directory named Backup inside a Public shared folder the File/Folder should be set to /Public/Backup, but the Mount path can have a different value like /Backup.

You can mount multiple directories to the container by clicking Add folder and repeating the operation.

Synology NAS volume settings of agent container

Click the Next button to open the Summary - a part, where you can review all the settings to make sure that everything has been set properly. If everything is right, then proceed with the Done button.

Synology NAS summary of agent container

As soon as the container creation process is finished, connect to your Xopero ONE Web panel to activate the agent.

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