Local Directory

Data storage is the location where the backups are stored. Xopero ONE allows users to define multiple datastores, and they can be assigned to any backup plans. During the backup, the agent writes data directly to the data storage, no other system element intervenes in this process. Storage management is available on the Storages tab in Xopero ONE Panel.

iSCSI resources connected to You can configure connected iSCSI resources as local directories too!

Adding storage

One of the storage types is a local directory. To add local directory storage to Xopero ONE, open the Storages tab and click the (+) Add storage button. Performing this action will display the Add storage form. Regardless of the type of storage that you want to create, you're able to define the Storage name.

And Optional description.

These two fields will help you identify the storage, if you'll decide to use many of them. Expand the Storage type list and choose Local directory.

The last part of the configuration is setting up the path to the location, where the data should be backed up.

The directory will be created on the computer where the Xopero ONE agent is working on and backup will be stored locally on that computer.

If you will select 5 endpoints in your backup plan the storage will be created on each of these, on all of them Xopero ONE will create local directories and back up the data on them.

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