Updating Management Service running as a Docker container

Update Xopero ONE Management running as a docker container consist of stopping the old container, installing the new one (old databases have to be mounted), and removing the old container.

Stopping old container

Use the following command to stop the container:

docker stop <old_container_name>

New container

First, download the latest version of the Xopero ONE Management Service docker image to your device: DOWNLOAD.After downloading the .tar image of the Xopero ONE management service, open the cmd console. With the following command, you can check what images you have imported into Docker:

docker images

Then import the image into Docker with the command:

docker load -i <docker_name> .tar

After the image is imported, you can create a container. Use the command:

docker run --name <container_name> -p <service_port>:80 -v <drive_location_database>:/app/Xopero management-image

In place of <drive_location_database> enter the location of the old database. In the <container_name>, enter the name of the container, and in <service_port>, enter the service port (set to 28555 by default).

Update validation

Finally, it's time to verify if everything went properly. Log into the Xopero ONE panel via web browser and wait for the device status to be changed for online, make sure that all your previous settings are available (plans, storages, devices, etc.). If you're able to confirm that everything is alright, you can delete the old container or keep it for some time to make sure that everything is fine with the new version installed.

If everything is correct, you can remove the old container. Use the following command:

docker rm <old_container_name>

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