In this article, you will learn how to activate your backup agent after the backup agent has been successfully installed on your device.

After successful installation of the backup agent, go to the management console. Log in to the Xopero ONE management console.

License assignment

Select the "Activate agent" icon from the menu at the top. Asside will be displayed with a list of agents available for activation. There you can find basic information about the device type, name, IP address and operating system.

Select a device for activation (you can select multiple devices if you assign them the same license type). Press the "Activate" button to proceed.

Select the license type you want to assign to the new device (or devices). Confirm your selection with the "Assign license" button.

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After assigning the license, your device will go to the Devices tab.

Remember that Local worker, Cloud worker and Feature worker licenses are free licenses. It allows you to perform certain operations on the Xopero ONE system. The device with such a license cannot perform the backup of itself. For this reasons, devices with one of these licenses assigned are available in the Settings -> Advanced -> Workers tab.

Known problems

If your device, despite installation, does not appear in the "Activate agent" tab:

  • for devices in a domain, the agent takes a little longer to start. Wait up to 10 minutes. Only after this time, check the correctness of the configuration.

  • edit the config.json file in the backup agent installation location (Windows: C:\ProgramData\Xopero ONE\Xopero ONE Backup&Recovery Agent Linux: /opt/XoperoONEBackupAgent) and check whether the "ServiceUrl" parameter correctly specifies the address of your Xopero ONE management service.

If after assigning a license your device is not visible in the devices tab. Check the information above about Local worker, Cloud worker and Feature worker licenses. Then check the Settings -> Advanced -> Workers tab.

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