How To Restart The Agent Service

The agent application installed on a computer is a service that is responsible for backup processes, data restoration, communication with storage, etc. Xopero ONE service runs automatically during sy


via Task Manager

Open Task Manager and go to the Services tab.

Find XoperoONEBackupAgent service.

Use the Right mouse button to click it and select the Restart option

via Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt(cmd) and execute the following command:

net stop XoperoONEBackupAgent && net start XoperoONEBackupAgent


Open the Terminal and perform the following command

systemctl restart XoperoONEBackupAgent.service


Open the Terminal and perform these commands:

stop com.xopero.packages.XoperoONEBackupAgent
start com.xopero.packages.XoperoONEBackupAgent

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