Overview & Requirements

In this article, you will get general information about replication in Xopero ONE.

Overview & requirements

Replication is available on the left side of the application - under the Plans tab. The main idea of the replication is to allow Xopero ONE users to implement the Backup 3+2+1 rule and increase the data safety level. To create a replication plan all you need to do is to set the storage.

and configure a simple scheduler.

To create a replication plan you need at least two storages:

  1. Source storage - with data to replicate on the second storage

  2. Target storage - the place, where the data should be replicated.

The target storage needs to be empty, to be available as a target storage in the replication window. If on the storage (which you want to use as a target storage) exists some data - it will be unavailable in the target storage list.

If you back up the data locally and use Xopero Storage (Xopero Cloud) as target storage during the creation of the replication plan, you will implement the 3+2+1 Backup Rule.

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