Available notifications

In this article, you will get information about notifications available in Xopero ONE

Notifications available in Xopero ONE:

  1. Successfully finished tasks - Xopero ONE will notify you about all successfully finished tasks

  2. Tasks finished with warnings - you will be notified about all tasks finished with warnings

  3. Failed tasks - you will get information about all failed tasks

  4. Canceled tasks - Xopero ONE will send you a notification about all canceled tasks

  5. Task not started - You will get notified about all not started tasks.

Available languages:

  1. English

  2. Polish

  3. Spanish

  4. Ukrainian

  5. Chinese

  6. Chinese (simplified)

Of course, you can enable more than one notification. This is possible, to enable even all of them at the same time. Notifications are configured once, and they are applied to all backup plans in Xopero ONE.

You can also configure the notifications per the backup plan, these are available in the backup plan advanced settings.

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