Updating Xopero ONE Agent On Windows Workstations & Windows Server 2012 R2+

This article contains information on how to update Xopero ONE Agent installed on Windows Worksations and Windows Server 2012R2+

Updating Xopero ONE Agent installed on Windows

Download the proper Xopero ONE Agent installer from the Management service.

To do so, hit the Add device button in the Devices section.

Later on, select the correct installer.

Now the Xopero ONE Agent Installer should download automatically.

Run Xopero ONE Agent installer and select the setup language.

Go to the next step by the Next button.

Accept the EULA and go ahead by clicking the Next button.

Confirm the installation folder.

Confirm the Management Service IP Address and click the Next button.

At the end of the installation, click the Install button.

Decide that you want to restart the application automatically after setup is complete (recommended) or reboot your computer later.

When the installation process is finished end the installation with the Finish button.

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