Deployment models

Deployment models - Xopero ONE SaaS vs. On-premise

Xopero ONE is a flexible backup solution that can be deployed in two different scenarios. The first one is an on-premise installation, directly on your local infrastructure and the second way is to keep the service running in the cloud in the Software as a Service(SaaS) model. This article contains all the details about the differences, pros, and cons of using both of these deployment models.

The basic difference is the place where the Xopero ONE service is installed and running.

Xopero ONE service as a SaaS

To deploy the Xopero ONE service as a SaaS, you are not obligated to allocate any additional device that could be used as a local server - the service runs within the provider's cloud infrastructure. You do not have to worry about its maintenance or administration, and the continuity of operation is guaranteed by us.

Advantages of the service in SaaS

  1. Service installation doesn’t require a local server

  2. Access anywhere, without any additional configuration

  3. Business continuity is guaranteed by the service provider

  4. Cloud-to-cloud copies

Xopero ONE On-Premise

Xopero ONE On-Premise is the software you deploy on a machine you provision and control so it works in your environment locally. You can install Xopero ONE On-Premise service on almost any computer with Windows, Linux, or even on popular NAS devices. In this deployment model, you will avoid any issues that may occur within connectivity to the network, and the copies will be made using the local network, thanks to which the backup process will be faster and more efficient.

Advantages of the On-Premises service

  1. Implementation on any infrastructure

  2. Resistance to failures related to the lack of network access

  3. No data transfer outside the company

  4. Copies perform without internet access

Regardless of the deployment model, Xopero ONE will provide the same set of functionalities in the same way via one graphical interface.

It is also worth adding that the location where the copies are stored is independent of where the management server is running - even with a SaaS-based management server, you can store data locally and conversely - in the cloud with an On-Premise service.

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