How To Configure In Xopero ONE?

Xopero ONE allows authenticating to more than one organization account during repositories backup. This will allow spreading the limits of sent inquiries (imposed by the service provider) over a larger number of accounts. The backup process will be accelerated and throttling will be avoided.

Additional accounts require an app password for authentication.

Where to get the app password for authentication?

You can generate multiple applications passwords in the App passwords tab of your Bitbucket account.

The minimum permissions that allow you to authorize the Xopero ONE application and perform a repository backup:

  • Account: Reading

  • Repositories: Reading and Admin

If you want the backup to also include metadata belonging to repositories, you need to grant more permissions.

Adding additional accounts to authenticate to your organization

To add additional accounts for authentication, go to your Git organization's edit window.

Select Add additional Bitbucket credentials.

In the new window, select the Add new button.

Now enter your account login and add an access token in the password manager and confirm your selection.

You can add as many accounts to your organization as you want.

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