How To Reduce or Avoid Its Impact?

Additional Users

Xopero ONE allows to authenticate to more than one organization account during repositories backup. This will allow to spread the limits of sent inquiries (imposed by the service provider) over a larger number of accounts. The backup process will be accelerated and throttling will be avoided. For more information on adding additional accounts to backup, see a separate manual:

Limiting the number of simultaneously secured repositories

Limit the number of simultaneously secured repositories by assigning more plans to Bitbucket, the schedules of which will be defined in such a way that they execute at specified intervals. For example, if your Git organization has 900 repositories, you can create 4 backup plans for it and assign 225 repositories to each of them. On the other hand, the schedule, depending on your own needs, you can define so that the plans are executed every day with an interval of 6 hours or each of the plans on a different day of the week.

Scheduling copies outside of CI/CD tasks runtime

All activities of the CI/CD tasks also affect the query limits, which the Xopero ONE application also uses. It is a good practice to set the schedule outside of the CI/CD tasks' operating time, e.g. at night.

Excluding unnecessary metadata in the plan

When defining a backup plan, you can choose the data to be secured. By default, all data in the plan is marked for deletion. However, if you know that you will not need to restore e.g. variables or Pull Requests in the future, you can mark them on the list. Less data to be secured will reduce the number of queries sent.

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