Required Permissions For Bitbucket Users And Token


The permissions the app needs to log into your account:

  • Read and modify your account information

  • Read and modify your repositories' issues

  • Access your repositories' build pipelines and configure their variables

  • Read and modify your workspace's project settings, and read and transfer repositories within your workspace's projects

  • Read and modify your repositories and their pull requests

  • Administer your repositories

  • Delete your repositories

  • Access and edit your workspaces/repositories' runners

  • Read and modify your snippets

  • Read and modify your team membership information

  • Read and modify your repositories' webhooks

  • Read and modify your repositories' wikis

  • Authorize workspace


The list below contains only the minimum permissions that allow you to register the Xopero ONE application in your account and access the repositories.

  • Account: Read

  • Repositories: Read and Admin

You can generate an app password by going to the passwords tab in your Bitbucket account.

With minimal privileges, some metadata may not be included during the backup process (eg issues). Choose the list of necessary permissions, depending on what data you need to protect. Remember that if you grant only read permissions, it will be possible to perform a backup, but to restore them, you will have to generate a new token/password with write permissions.

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