Logs archiving

In this article, you will get information about Logs archiving in Xopero ONE


The Logs tab in the Xopero ONE system is one of the basic tabs. The system works on lite databases that are very fast. But generating large increments of log entries can lead to problems with the Log database.

So, archiving older logs increases the efficiency of system. That is why the system has the function of archiving old entries with Logs.

Additionally, archived logs are always available and you can easily search them.


To configure Log Archiving, go to the Settings tab, then Advanced. The Logs archiving section is available here.

Archive logs every - enter information, every how many months you want the system to archive older log entries. By default, the system archives logs every 3 months and keep Logs for the entire current month.

Logs Tab

After configuring the Log Archiving function, go to the Logs tab. In the bar at the top you have information from when Logs are available (Date from).

To view all logs, click the (X) button next to Reset All or next to Data from. After clicking the button, the system will load all the logs.

Or to view logs from a different time period, go to the Magnifier icon on the right. In the window that appears, you can use the Date from and Date to filters to view logs from a different time period. After selecting a new time period, confirm with the Apply button.

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