Use cases

Cross recovery

One of the uses of backup can be the cross-recovery of your data between different Git providers. However, not all data can be restored between your organizations. To see the cross-recovery possibilities see the following article:

Cross Recovery Options


Using the Xopero ONE software, you can create backup plans for your organization. You can create backup plans for single or multiple repositories - up to your requirements.

Setting Up A Backup Plan

Archive goals

By using the backup, you can also reduce expenses on the Git service. Due to the fact, that Xopero ONE gives you the possibility to keep the repositories on storage in the backup form, you can resign of holding them in the Git platform.

The archive goals are possible thanks to the Retention policy - using it you are able to decide on how long you want to store your repositories!


If you already have a repository backup, you can restore it to any organization added to your Xopero ONE console - between the Git instances, or even Git providers!

Recovery Process Overview

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