In this article, you will get information about compression in Xopero ONE


Compression can be enabled while creating a backup plan. You can find it in the backup plan's advanced settings.

Compression is enabled by default to decrease the time needed to send your copy to storage and to decrease the space needed to store your backup as well. Depending on the data you are backing up you are able to select two compression algorithms:

  • LZ4 - fast compression with a reasonable lose ratio,

  • ZStandard - losless compression algorithm, used by default in Xopero ONE.

And also three compression levels:

  • Normal - compression tasks perform faster, but the data takes up more space on storage,

  • Medium - the most optimal compression level, the best needed time to required storage's space ratio; used by default,

  • High - compression process takes more time, but the data requires less space on storage after compression.

Compression can be enabled on an already existing backup plan and reconfigured as well.

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