Error Handling

This article describes, how to handle errors in Xopero ONE

Error handling

Tasks tab

Logs tab

All the errors or warnings are displayed in the Logs tab as well. You can see the statistics and logs for all the devices connected with your Management Service.

The logs tab informs about more things, than the backup plan's errors and warnings. To display the logs that are you interested to, use the Search Engine, which is available in the right-top corner of the window.

How do I know that the task has failed?

Xopero ONE will inform you if the backup task has failed. You can configure e-mail (enabled by default) or Slack notifications, or even send them to any webhooks. You can configure the notifications in the Settings tab. When you will open the appropriate tab (physical devices, virtual environment, M365 or Git) application will inform you, if some tasks have ended with errors or warnings.

As you can see, the task related to the DebianDatabase device has ended with an error, and Xopero ONE will notify instantly when the Device tab has been opened - thanks to the Backup Plans section displayed. You can also see the statistics related to the plan, instead of the single device. To see them, open the Plans tab, and next hit the statistics button available on the right side of the window.

In the Lastest tasks section, you can see the last task executions.

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