Enabling Additional GitHub Enterprise Self-hosted Accounts For Backup

This article describes how to enable an additional GitHub Enterprise account for a backup plan to improve the backup process and avoid throttling.

Enabling additional accounts

In order to enable an additional account for a backup plan open the Plans tab in the Xopero ONE web console. Go to the Plans tab and click Add plan button or Edit plan if you already have one. Scroll down to the Advanced settings and enable the Additional git credentials to switch:

This will open Advanced settings aside:

After doing so, the system will display all the additional accounts available for the selected organization.

If you can't see the additional users, see the following article with the adding the additional user process described:

How To Add The Additional User To Xopero ONE?

Next, toggle the switch to ON next to the accounts that you want to use and then press the Save button.

Press the Save button once again to save your backup plan. From now on, the backup plan from the example will be performed using 2 accounts.

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