Setting Up A Backup Plan

This article describes how to create a backup plan, that will back up your GitHub Enterprise repositories

Backup plan creation

In order to create a new backup plan, go to the Plans tab. Then click Add Plan button at the top bar. The system will display a new form, click the Add Plan button in the top bar. After that, the system will display a new panel called Create a new backup plan. First, enter your custom name for that backup plan in the Backup plan name field.

Backup type

After naming your backup plan, head to the Backup type section and select GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket option.


The next section is called Repositories. It is the place, where you can select what repositories you want to include in your backup plan. Select your GitHub Enterprise environment and select the repositories to back up. Xopero ONE allows you to select single, multiple and all repositories within your environment.

Data to protect

This part allows you to decide whether you want to include metadata of your repositories in the backup plan or not. You can also select specific metadata elements like pull requests, wiki or issues.

See the following article with the protected data described:

Protected GitHub Enterprise self hosted resources / elements / metadata

This section also allows you to select Worker - a device that is directly responsible for the backup process of your repositories. Each device that has Xopero ONE agent installed can be a worker, you can also use different workers for each backup plan.

Worker And Its License

Backup storage

This part is dedicated to the location, where your data will be sent. Select one of the locations assigned to Xopero ONE as storage.

Storage Overview

Scheduler and retention

This section allows you to customize the scheduler and decide how long your data should be stored.

Scheduler & Data Retention

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