GitHub Enterprise Self-hosted Repositories List And Its Synchronization

This article contains information about the organization dashboard, where you can see the repositories list and manage its synchronization.

GitHub Enterprise repositories list and its synchronization

Repository list

To get into the repository list of your GitHub Enterprise organization, go into the DevOps tab, find your GitHub Enterprise organization, and click the Manage&Restore button next to it.

After opening this view, you'll be able to see all of your organization repositories, information about: their names, synchronization status, last and next backup, license status(assigned or not), and backup status

On the right side of each repository entry, there's an action menu, which delivers three options:

  • List of plans - which will display all the backup plans that the specific repository is included in,

  • Restore - to get into the restore wizard,

  • Repository details - to see more details about the backup status, history, and statistics.

You can also decide which information you want to display on the main view by using the gear icon on the top right.


The synchronization settings are set the first time you authorize a new organization/new account to the platform.

You can also trigger the synchronization task in the repository list. To synchronize the Xopero ONE with your GitHub Enterprise environment, click the Sync now button.

You can see the last sync time at the very bottom.

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