GitLab Cloud

This article describes the process of adding GitLab(cloud) organization to the Xopero ONE platform in order to protect repositories or restore existing backups into it.

Add new organization

To assign your organization click on Add organization button, which is available on DevOps tab in a web-based console of Xopero ONE. That will display Authentication aside, which will allow you to choose the service that your organization works on - select GitLab.

After that, the system will display two additional sections. The first one is the Settings section, where you can toggle three switches.

  1. Register using login and password/token - allows you to change the default authentication method (SSO) to authentication with Personal Access Token. By turning it ON, it will display two additional fields. The login field is dedicated for your GitLab username, but you need to add or select a password to the system(by providing personal token) using password manager.

  2. Protect groups - which allows you to configure if you want to protect your GitLab groups,

  3. Automatically add new repositories - defines, if new repositories created on your GitLab organization and synchronized with Xopero ONE platform should've automatically assigned a license for protection.

The second section is Repositories list sync options. In this step, you can set the exact time(or multiple hours) or an interval, which the application will use to synchronize the list of repositories in your organization.

The last, but very important setting is the Default device - a device that will be used to authenticate your organization.

Make sure that the selected machine can reach your organization (has Internet access). You can change it to a different device by using the Change button.

Click Proceed button in order to continue.

If Register using login and password/token switch was set to OFF, then the system may display GitLab sign in page, which you have to go through in order to complete the authentication process.

When trying to authenticate with Personal Token it won't show any additional windows - the process will be performed fully automatically. After successful authentication, the system will display a new entry on the organization's list as below.


To add an organization correctly, you may be asked to grant permissions to the Xopero ONE application. Your browser have to allow pop-ups.

Depending on which browser you use, you can edit the browser settings or allow the permission window to be triggered once.

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