Recover selected group to GitLab

In this article you will find out how to restore the data from a GitLab group backup.

Opening the restore view

Go to the DevOps tab and next click the GitLab section. From the GitLab, dashboard selects the Groups button.

From the open view, select the restore icon.

Selecting backup version

After choosing the right grop to restore the system will display the Backup copies section, where you can select the version of backup that you want to restore.

Click on one of the displayed dates and then select the Restore button.

Choose the data to restore or use the default options.

Restore data

Data to restore

There you can change your previous configuration of data that will be included in the restore process. If you would like to change/add some data to the restore process click the Edit button.

Restore to

This section allows you to define the destination of the restore process, where you can select an organization that is assigned to the Xopero ONE platform.

There is no option to restore the GitLab groups between other Git provider - you can restore it only between GitLab environments.

Restore settings

Use the switch to restore the group with a different name.

Use the checkbox to reduce internet bandwidth.

Device used to restore the data

Here you can also change the Worker - a device that is directly responsible for the backup process of your GitLab Groups. You can have many workers and use different workers for each backup plan.

It is worth to know, that Cloud Worker ( cloud-installed Xopero ONE worker) allows you to perfrom Cloud-to-cloud backup, in case if you want to store your backups in the Cloud.

If you have successfully configured everything, you can press the Start now button to start the restore process.

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