In the Xopero ONE, you can create groups and assign devices to them. Groups can help you identify devices within your infrastructure or organize devices according to a specific hierarchy in your company.

How to create a group?

Go to the Devices tab in the Xopero ONE management console. Select the "Groups" button from the menu at the top. Click the "Add group" button and enter the name of the group.

To add a device to a group, select the device/devices and select the "Add to group" button from the top menu. Then select the group you want to assign devices to.

To check which group the device belongs to, select the Device details button on the right. Scroll down and find the Groups section.

Group details

Next to the group name is the Group details icon. In the group details, you will find information about devices assigned to a group and their statuses, storage usage by the group and plans assigned to the group.


You can create plans and assign them to specific groups. The plan will be executed on all devices in the group. It will include devices that are already there and those you add in the future.

All you have to do is create a plan for the group. When you activate a device and add it to a group, it will automatically be included in the backup plan.

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