How To Plan Your Backups?

Xopero ONE is a tool that will allow you to protect and store your data. However, before you start backing up, think about what exactly you need. The software is highly configurable, so think about which solution is best for you.


Familiarize yourself with the possibilities of Xopero ONE and its graphical interface. To best match your backups - get to know the Xopero ONE management service.

What do you want to back up?

If you haven't already done so, take a moment to organize the most important files and data that you need to protect on your devices.

Define a backup schedule

Then decide how often you want to back up specific files. And how long would you like to keep them in order to be able to restore this data in the event of a disaster. If the data you want to protect is a database (which often changes a lot) or a directory (which rarely changes): choose a higher frequency for databases (daily or even hourly backups), or a lower frequency for directories (monthly backups or weekly).

Select backup storage

Analyze the size of your data and the number of copies to match the size of the storages to which you will be sending data. Xopero ONE is multistorage software, so you can add multiple storages. You can also use several types of storage simultaneously, send data to local storage and cloud storage or even replicate the data between the storages using the Replication module.

See more about replication - overview and requirements

Advanced settings

The last step to configure is to set the optional, advanced settings. Here you are able to configure the encryption, compression, deduplication and the most important part of this section - database protection.

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