Control Hyper-V Workload - Task Balancing

In this article, you will find guidance on utilizing task balancing for Hyper-V environments.

Control Hyper-V workload - task balancing

Task balancing is a crucial feature for controlling the workload when backing up virtual machines (VMs) on Hyper-V. It allows you to regulate the number of VMs being backed up simultaneously, preventing network overload. By default, task balancing is enabled in Hyper-V configurations.

The maximum number of VMs that can be backed up simultaneously is set to 5 by default, but you have the flexibility to adjust this number as needed. Additionally, task balancing can be configured based on time intervals, ensuring that backup tasks are staggered with specified breaks between them.

To access the task balancing settings, navigate to the Scheduler and Advanced Settings sections while creating a backup plan.

By leveraging task balancing effectively, you can optimize the backup process for your Hyper-V environment, ensuring efficient operation without overwhelming network resources.

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