Common Issues

I am unable to protect my Hyper-V cluster

To properly secure a Hyper-V cluster, you have to install a dedicated backup agent on each Hyper-V host. After installing the backup agent on each Hyper-V hosts, when you go to the Virtual Machines -> Hyper-V tab, you will be able to add the entire cluster, which you can select using convenient checkboxes.

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I can't see the Hyper-V environment, even if I installed the agent on the host

Remember that you have to use the appropriate installer to natively secure the Hyper-V host to support external backup. This is a dedicated installer that can be downloaded in the Virtual Machines -> Hyper-V tab via the (+) Add new button.

If you have added the Hyper-V host to the Xopero ONE system as a regular agent (with Endpoint/Server licence), go to the Devices tab and select the appropriate device, and then select Delete from the menu at the top (without deleting data). If you have installed the appropriate installer and have a Hyper-V per Socket license, the license will be assigned automatically.

I have the license, but I am unable to assign it to the Hyper-V host

To assign the correct dedicated installer license for Hyper-V hosts, you need a dedicated Hyper-V per Socket license. The license is supported by the number of processor sockets on the physical machine.

DW9700 - Creation of Application consistent snapshot failed

The error concerns problems with creating a snapshot of the virtual machine. In this case you should:

  1. Check whether integration services are enable in the virtual machine settings - Backup (volume shadow copy).

  1. Check if this operating system is supported by Hyper-V:

  1. Check whether integration services are running on the guest system:

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