Edit Hyper-V Environment

In this article, you will get information on how to edit VMware instance in Xopero ONE

Edit Hyper-V environment

To edit the existing Hyper-V environment in Xopero ONE go to the Virtual Machines, choose Hyper-V and hit the Edit button.

At this place you can edit your Hyper-V existing environment

To edit, simply press the "Edit" button. We can also set how often our environment should be refreshed here.

Edit Hyper-V Cluster

In the context of modifying the environment within a Hyper-V cluster, users have the capability to manage it directly through the interface. We can change it, in the same way as we did without the cluster, but with few more options.

To manage your Hyper-V environment, click on the "Manage" button. This action will display a list of your current hosts within the cluster, providing a clear view of the resources under your control.

To modify the list of hosts, click on the "Edit" button. This will open up options to either add new hosts to your environment or make changes to existing configurations.

Here, we also have the option to change the address of our Cluster. Below that, you can change the administrator account used for connections and modify the assigned password in the password manager.

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