Instant restore

Instant Restore - Disaster Recovery Feature

Instant Restore is an immediate virtual machine (VM) recovery solution. It restores a VM's configuration files to the Hyper-V host, prepares the VM, and mounts the disks directly from the backup copy. With Instant Restore, the XoperoONE administrator does not need to wait for the entire VM to be restored to Hyper-V and can start using it almost immediately.

Instant Restore is not a production solution and should only be used as a disaster recovery feature. For production data restore, use the Whole VM recovery option.

Instant restore initialization

To initialize Instant Restore, first, navigate to the Virtual Machines section in XoperoONE and choose Hyper-V. Click the Manage & Restore button.

then select the VM you wish to restore and click "Restore."

After selecting the backup plan and the version of the VM to restore, choose the "Instant Restore" option.

Specify whether to restore the VM to the original or a new location. You will need to provide key information, such as the name of the restored VM, its desired power state (On/Off) after restoration, and the appropriate iSCSI port.

Next, choose a directory to save the VM configuration files, select a directory to store the VM disks, and select a Hyper-V switch or resource pool to map network adapters. Once everything is configured, click the "Start now" button to begin the Instant Restore.


You can monitor running Instant Restore tasks from the "Tasks" tab. After you've finished working with the machine, you can shut it down by canceling the current Instant Restore job. To do this, click the "X" button and confirm that you want to cancel the Instant Restore task.

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