Setting Up The Backup Plan

The Microsoft 365 backup type offers full and easy control over retention of your Office 365 data.

Selecting the organization and users

While creating the Microsoft 365 backup plan you need to define, which Microsoft 365 and its users will be protected. In that case click on Users section and select one of available organizations.

After that you can decide whether you want to protect all the accounts with a single plan or you can also Manage users - an option, which allows you to choose few users of whole organization.

Choosing data for protection

Data to protect section consists of two parts: Select resources to back up and Worker.

The first part allows you to include a specific resources of Microsoft 365 accounts into the backup by turning the switch on. You will have an option to choose among Mailboxes, Contacts, Calendars, and OneDrive.

The next part - Worker - is a device that will be responsible for communication with Microsoft 365 ecosystem. More specifically it will be device that will download the data from the Microsoft and then send it to the storage.

In the next steps, select the datastorage to which the data backup will be sent and the backup schedule.

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