Xopero ONE Microsoft 365 Backup Overview & Supported Apps

This article contains information about Microsoft 365 backup and supported apps

Xopero ONE Microsoft 365 backup overview & supported apps


To run any task in Xopero ONE firstly you have to configure a plan - backup plan, replication plan, test-restore plan (for VMware). This article describes the backup plan creation process for Microsoft 365. All the already created backup plans are located in the Plans tab, on the left side of the application.

Here you can manage all your backup plans, trigger them, edit or see the details. Plans tab contains all the already created projects, including Microsoft 365.

Backup plan creation

The backup plan creation idea is to realize a few steps:

Select the Microsoft 365 backup

Select the accounts, which have to be included in the backup plan - you can decide, that you want to protect entire organization, or the single accounts.

Select the data to protect - supported applications are described on the bottom section of the article.

Select the existing one or add a new storage

Configure the Scheduler and Retention section - automatize the process

Configure the optional advanced settings

Supported applications

Xopero ONE allows you to protect:

  • Microsoft Exchange (Messages, Contacts, Calendars),

  • OneDrive,

You can decide what data you want to protect - you are not obligatored to backup, for example, entire Exchange. There is no any problems with protecting, for example, Messages and OneDrive, without Calendars and Contacs.

You can decide what you want to protect in the Data to protect section.

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