In this article, you will get information about throttling.


Microsoft uses throttling to maintain optimal performance and reliability of the Services.

You can read more about it on the Microsoft website:

Throttling limits the number of API calls or operations within a time window to prevent overuse of resources. Without this, the server could become unresponsive or even crash completely - causing service interruptions for all users. The best way to prevent throttling is to schedule backups procedures outside of business hours.

You can read more about throttling limits on the Microsoft website:

Below you will find some options for resolving this issue.

Limit concurrent tasks

You can set a limit for concurrent backup tasks per number of users or time interval between execution in the management Xopero ONE. When creating or editing an M365 Backup Plan in the Scheduler section, you can change the default value. After defining the times of making the backup enable task balancing.

Increasing EWS throttling policy limits in Microsoft 365

By default Microsoft 365 throttles data flow to maintain service availability and stability. An unfortunate side effect is that backup may not perform as expected - longer run time. To make Microsoft 365 backup faster:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

  2. Click on the [?] icon in the upper-right corner of the website.

  3. In the search field enter EWS and select Increase EWS Throttling Policy from the list.

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