Prerequisites And Requirements

This article describes the prerequisites and requirements regarding Microsoft 365 backup in Xopero ONE.


In order to be able to integrate your Microsoft 365 organization you need to make sure that:

  • Your company uses a business license for Microsoft 365,

  • You're using the organization's global administrator account to authorize in Xopero ONE.


To perform the backup of a single M365 account you need to have a license assigned for this specific account, you can manage your license assignment.

See also:

pageEnable\Disable Protection For Microsoft 365 Users - License Assignment

A single M365 account requires a single Microsoft 365 license (on Xopero ONE) in order to perform the backup of it's data.

Microsoft 365 backup process requires a worker - device, which will communicate with Microsoft 365 API, download the requested data and then perform its backup. The worker can be any device with an agent application installed.

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