Edit Microsoft 365 Integration

In this article, you will get the information about editing already existing Microsoft 365 tenant in Xopero ONE

Edit Microsoft 365 integration

To edit Microsoft 365 tenant in Xopero ONE go to Microsoft 365 dashboard and next hit "Edit" button.

Here you can edit your already existing Microsoft 365 tenant's options.

License management

This tool allows you to decide, that Xopero ONE should automaticly assign Xopero ONE's license to Microsoft 365 users, or you will do it manualy.

Default device

Default device is the device assigned to Xopero ONE that is used to retrieve Microsoft 365 organization accounts and their data. It also perfors the backup plan itself. By default application uses device marked with main icon, but you can choose, which device should be responsible for performing this operation by clicking Edit button and selecting one of the devices from the list.

User list sync interval

It is the time interval that application sends requests to gather all the actual information about users in Microsoft 365 organization, which you can also set based on your needs and changes in your organization.

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