Enable\Disable Protection For Microsoft 365 Users - License Assignment

In this article, you will get the information on how to manage Microsoft 365 tenants licenses in Xopero ONE - how to disable and enable licenses In general, you are able to enable assigning licenses automatically while adding your Microsoft 365 tenant to Xopero ONE. To do it, open "Advanced configuration" while adding Microsoft 365 tenant process.

In the advanced configuration, you can switch the checkbox to enable assigning licenses automatically to your Microsoft 365 users.

In this case, when you will add new Microsoft 365 user Xopero ONE automatically assign the license for them.

Enable or disable protection for Microsoft 365 users

To enable or disable a user's license in an already existing Microsoft 365 tenant, go to Microsoft 365 tab in Xopero ONE and hit the Manage & Restore button.

Here you can decide which users should have assigned licenses. To enable or disable licenses switch the checkbox next to the relevant user.

To enable or disable licenses of more than one user hit the checkbox available on the left side of the window and next hit the "Deactivate protection" button, which is located on the top side of the window.

Next hit the "Yes" button

After this process licenses are activated or deactivated.

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