Microsoft 365 Users’ List Overview And Synchronization

This article contains information about the Microsoft 365 users list and its synchronization with Xopero ONE Management Service.

Microsoft 365 users’ list overview and synchronization

During adding a Microsoft 365 organization, you have the option (in the advanced configuration) to set how often the host information will be synchronized automatically. However, you don't have to wait for the automatic sync to complete. You can synchronize the data manually. But before you know how to do it, learn how to view the user's list.

To open the list of users list on the Microsoft 365 organization, you need to go to the Microsoft 365 tab. Next, you have to click Manage & Restore.

Then a new window with the user's list appears. At the bottom, there is information about the last successful synchronization. The list of users can be sorted according to different columns (e.g. name, user status, backup status, etc.). You can extend the column list with the sprocket icon. We will search users by name by clicking the magnifying glass icon. In addition to the list of users, there is a sync now button at the top. Use it when you want to update information about Microsoft 365 users instantly.

At the bottom, you can also change the number of lines (number of users) displayed on one page. And switch between pages.

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