Triggering Backup Tasks

In this article, you will get information on how to trigger backup task in Xopero ONE

Triggering backup tasks

In general, Xopero ONE allows you to run backup task manually. You don't need to wait to run your backup by scheduler, instead of this, you can run the task by yourself. All the assigned backup plans are visible on the main dashboard of the device, for example: Physical devices:


Microsoft 365:

Git organization (the same for all Git environments):

As you can see, in all these views you can hit the Start now button to run backup task manually. Instead of this, you can open the Plans tab, to list of the all plans and trigger the backup task from there.

Choosing the kind of copy to perform

If (during the backup plan creation) you decided to protect your data using the Basic type of schedule you can decide what type of copy (full or incremental) will be perfrom during the triggering the backup task.

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