Plan Your VMware Backup

Using Xopero ONE you can protect many components in your infrastructure. These include VMware enviroments.


See the article below for general rules for creating effective backup plans. But multi-environment backups have their own specific options.

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pageSetting Up A Backup Plan
  1. In the case of VMware environments, an important element is the method of communication and sending the backup to the storages available in the Xopero ONE system. To be able to use fast transport methods such as Hot Add, you must use Virtual Appliance. Otherwise, when you use local devices as VMware Backup Workers, the backup will be transferred over the LAN (first to the worker, and then to the storages, which takes a long time).

  2. See the advanced options in the VMware backup plan. A VMware backup copy is made using system snapshots (in the case of supported systems it is an application-aware backup). Additionally, you need VMware tools installed. To test snapshots as required by Xopero ONE, take a snapshot like this:

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