Advanced Transport Methods

In this article, you will get information about advanced transport methods used in Xopero ONE.

VMware advanced transport methods

In general, the transport method between VMware datastore and Xopero ONE's storage is available to choose in VMware backup options, while the backup plan creating.

All the transport methods are available from the drop-down list:

  • Automatic (recommended) - in that case, Xopero ONE will automatically choose the best (fastest and most efficient) transport method.

  • HotAdd - most popular LAN-free transport method. This method does not overload the network interfaces of virtual machines. VM's virtual disks will be mounted to the Virtual Appliance. All you need to do to use this method is to deploy Virtual Appliance.

  • SAN - fastest LAN-free, but also most complicated to configure transport method. It requires SAN datastore and Xopero ONE agent used to perform backup tasks outside of the VMware environment (for example, physical server).

  • LAN - classic transport method (overloads the network interfaces of your Virtual Machines).

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