Edit VMware Environment

In this article, you will get information on how to edit VMware instance in Xopero ONE

Edit VMware environment

To edit the existing VMware environment in Xopero ONE go to the VMware dashboard in Xopero ONE and hit the Edit button.

At this place you can edit your VMware existing environment:

IP Address

You can edit the IP address and change it if the IP address of your environment has changed


If login and password have changed you are able to change credentials at this point

Default worker

The worker is a Xopero ONE agent, which is used to connect management service with your VMware environment, perform the backup task, and sync virtual machines.

It is good practice to use Xopero ONE Virtual Appliance.

Devices with macOS are not supported as Default worker devices in VMware.

See also:

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VMware inventory sync interval

This tool lets you set how often your VMware should sync with the management service (virtual machines status and size etc).

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