Use Cases

Using Xopero ONE you gain additional possibilities in the case of backup and emergency recovery within your VMware environment. In this article, we will present some examples.

A copy of virtual machines

By creating a backup plan for the VMware environment, you have the option to create a backup:

  • a copy of all machines from the ESXi host

  • a copy of selected machines from vSphere

Migration of machines between VMware environments

After creating a correct backup of virtual machines, you can use the Xopero ONE system to migrate virtual machines between VMware environments, which you will add to the management console. After a successful backup, you can use the restore function of virtual machines and restore them directly to another VMware environment.

Emergency recovery based on Instant Restore

Don't waste time on a production restore when you need to quickly run a VM straight from a backup. Use "Instant restore" based on the iSCSI technique for this restore. It will allow you to quickly create a virtual machine based on iSCSI sharing of backed-up data from the storage.

Restoring the virtual machine to the physical device

The first thing that you need to do, to restore the VM to the physical host is to install the Xopero ONE Agent in the virtual machine and perform the image-level backup (and treat it as a physical device). If your backup is created successfully, you can start the BMR restoring process.

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