Recovery Process Overview

When using backup software, you are probably interested in the possibilities of how you can use backup and restore data from a backup. Xopero ONE has several ways in which you can restore your Virtual Machines straight to VMware. Use the method that suits your needs.

Keep in mind, that the restore ways lets you to restore the Virtual Machines between the VMware hosts (if they are connected with Xopero ONE Management Service).

Instant restore

It consists in restoring the machine's configuration files to the VMware datastore, preparing a virtual machine, and then mounting the disks run directly from the storage to it. Thanks to this, you can run your virtual machine in a few minutes.

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Remember, that this is not the productional way to restore the virtual machine. It is just the Disaster Recovery feature. If you need to restore the virtual machine to VMware after the accident, run the Instant Restore and the Whole VM recovery tasks at the same time. Thanks to it, you will be able to use the virtual machine in a few minutes using the Instant Restore, and when the Whole VM recovery task will be done, you can stop the Instant Restore process and use the productionally restored virtual machine.

iSCSI restore

Granular recovery feature, which allows users to restore individual files and folders from VMware Virtual Machine backup. It makes the restoration process much easier and quicker in many unexpected situations. Using the iSCSI protocol Xopero ONE Agent gets access to the files, which are located on the storage and you are able to restore the files, which you really need, without restoring the unneeded files.

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Whole VM recovery

This feature allows you to create a new Virtual Machine in the original location or in a different location. This is the most classic way to restore the Virtual Machine. Xopero ONE will restore the Virtual Machine data straight from the storage to the VMware datastore.

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